News from the Accelerator - January 2019

monthly update

Chris Chartier


January 31, 2019

It has been an exciting month for the PSA! You can also stay up to date by subscribing to the blog, following us on twitter, signing up for our email list, or joining our slack workspace. For January, we have updates on peer review decisions for our projects, in-progress studies, and new ways to communicate with PSA leadership and stay informed on our activities.

Favorable peer review decisions!

We have just received an in principle acceptance for “Investigating object orientation effects across 14 languages” at Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. Congratulations to Sau-Chin Chen, Anna Szabelska, and all of our co-authors! We will now plan for data collection and share updates soon. psa_object_langmap_withlogo_110118 We also recently received a favorable revise and resubmit decision for "Accelerated CREP: RRR: Turri, Buckwalter, & Blouw (2015)" at Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. Braeden Hall and Jordan Wagge have been leading the revision efforts and will resubmit the manuscript soon.

Lab recruitment for moral thinking study

We are recruiting labs for “On the universality of moral thinking: Cross-cultural variation in the influence of personal force and intention in moral dilemma judgments.” The current list of contributing labs is up to 105 sites representing 42 countries! This is a great start, but we still welcome additional labs to join the team. We will likely submit this project as a Registered Report, so the size and diversity of our team will strengthen our Stage 1 submission and chances of securing an in principle acceptance.

Data collection

Data collection continues for “To which world regions does the valence-dominance model apply.” We have now collected data from over 2,000 participants across 48 labs. More labs and more languages of collection are going "live" every day and we will continue the project through September. You can see demo versions of all active languages here.

Staying up to date on PSA activities

We have started an "on-deck" document that summarizes the various active projects and work of the PSA. If you are wondering what activities could use extra person-power or what the leadership team is working on, this document is a great place to look! We will try to make it more detailed and helpful in the coming days, as well as keep it as up to date as possible. Chris will be hosting monthly Q&A sessions for PSA members via google hangouts. If you've been on the "sidelines", are not sure how to get more actively involved in the PSA, or have any questions about our policies, processes, or current studies, please join in on an upcoming call to have your questions answered! The times for the meetings will vary considerably from month to month to allow for members from all of our different time zones to have opportunities to join. The first hangout will be Monday, February 25th, 17:00 UTC. You can join the call at this link (which we will also share via twitter just prior to the meeting). One last random note: in the PSA members’ roster spreadsheet, we recently switched all lab IDs to 3 digit ISO codes. Lab IDs that were being used for the faces study are being held constant for use in that specific tracking sheet and data collection process, but we will use the new ISO codes going forward.

Thank you for all of the continued efforts you have put into making the PSA a success!