Study Selection Process

We welcome submissions from all researchers, whether they are members of the Psychological Science Accelerator network or not. The only caveat is that current members of the Study Selection Committee will recuse themselves from all discussions about, evaluations of, and decisions on submissions from themselves or close colleagues and collaborators. The Study Selection Committee, in consultation with advisory committees and input from the full network,  will select which effects are included in the Accelerator’s data collection projects, following the workflow outlined here:

Phase 1: Submission (4 weeks)

  • Submissions received from prospective team leaders (via < 5,000 word RR format). The Director blinds the submission for review.
  • The Study Selection Committee (SSC) performs a feasibility check (methods only) on all submissions, gauging whether or not the proposed project is possible given current Accelerator capacity. (2 weeks)
  • Reviewers (both within and outside the Accelerator) are identified and assigned to  review submissions (at least 3 content experts & all advisory committees). (2 weeks)

Phase 2: Evaluation (4 weeks)

  • Committees and Reviewers review proposals. Reviewers and Committee Chairs provide summary evaluation reports to the SSC. (2 weeks)
  • All Accelerator network members provide quantitative ratings via online survey. (2 weeks concurrent with above)
  • The SSC considers all evaluation reports and network quantitative ratings to make selections based upon all feedback and evaluation. (2 weeks)
  • The Director provides feedback on both accepted and rejected submissions as decisions are made. (2 weeks, concurrent with above)