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Each day is 12 hours with breaks between sessions and time to talk with other attendees. Click here for the detailed schedule!


Thursday, October 28. 2021
Friday, October 29, 2021
Saturday, October 30, 2021


PSACON is an event for all people from every region that are interested in psychological science (from undergraduate to senior researchers).


Full Sponsor (open 2 free spots): $60
Partial Sponsor (open 1 free spots): $30
Paid Attendee: $15
Free Attendee: $0

The dates are set! Join the PSA community from October 28th-30th for three days of presentations, discussions, hack-a-thons, workshops, and informal social sessions! We are planning an interactive conference to allow our members to network and collaborate with each other. Each day will feature programming of 12 hours starting at 7 UTC to 20 UTC to allow for flexibility between time zones and give ample opportunities for attendees to pop in and out as their schedule allows.

For now, we have the capacity to accommodate 300 total attendees, so be sure to fill out this form to reserve your seat. If demand far exceeds this cap, we will explore ways to expand the conference. We have a few options for registration fees (which you can find on the registration form). Please know that we are accepting paid registration to make this conference more accessible to all people around the world. To stay up to date on all things PSACON follow us on twitter.

Get To Know Our Presenters!


We are extremely grateful to the moderators who volunteer their time to ensure a smooth and inclusive conference.

  • The PSACON organizing committee: 
    • Savannah Lewis (slewis16@ashland.edu), Ashland University 
    • Nadia Corral-Frias  (nadiacorralfrias@unison.mx), University of Sonora
    • Aishwarya Iyer (iyeraishwarya.work@gmail.com), Montfort College
    • Crystal Steltenpohl  (cnsteltenp@usi.edu), University of Southern Indiana
    • Biljana Gjoneska (biljanagjoneska@manu.edu.mk), Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
    • Manyu Li (manyu.li@louisiana.edu), University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    • Maria Montefinese (maria.montefinese@gmail.com), IRCCS San Camillo Hospital
    • Suzanne Stewart (s.stewart@chester.ac.uk), University of Chester
    • Maria Tabisz (mery6299@gmail.com), Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
  • The PSACON session moderators (in alphabetical order): 
    • Inês Almeida
    • Sau Chin-Chen
    • Nicholas Coles
    • Nadia Corral-Frias
    • Cátia Ferreira De Oliveira
    • Biljana Gjoneska
    • Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe
    • Aishwarya Iyer
    • Savannah Lewis
    • Manyu Li
    • Maria Montefinese
    • Neha Parashar
    • Miguel Silan
    • Kathleen Schmidt
    • Maria Tabisz
  • Other honorable mentions: 
    • Christopher Chartier, Ashland University 
    • Abigail Sanders, Ashland University