PSACON2020 Videos


Opening remarks from Christopher Chartier

Session 1A: SPAM-L: Semantic Priming Across Multiple Languages ( PSA 007!!!) by Erin Buchanan

Session 1B: A Multi-Site Examination of Stereotype Threat in Black College Students Across Varying Operationalizations by Patrick Forscher (PSA 005)

Session 2A: Many Labs 5: Does adding more expertise increase replicability? by Charlie Ebersole

Session 2B How data pre-processing distorts results and conclusions in reaction time data by Maximilian Primbs

Within and between-language structural priming: A review of studies involving Turkish and possible directions for future research by Gözde Mercan

Session 3A: Rethinking multi-site studies: Can the cross-indigenous approach remedy common cross-cultural vulnerabilities? by Miguel Silan

Session 3B: To Which World Regions Does the Valence Dominance Model Apply by Benedict Jones (PSA 001)

Session 4A: 1st: The Many Smiles Collaboration: A Multi-Lab Adversarial Test of the Facial Feedback Hypothesis by Nicholas A. Coles

2nd: Exploring the non-visual effect of cosmetics by Carlota Batres

Closing Webinar: Accelerated CREP: True Belief by Jordan Wagge and Braeden Hall (PSA 004)

September 9

Session 1A: Investigating Object Orientation Effects Across 14 Languages (PSA 002) by Sau-Chin

Session 2A: Searching For Prosociality in Qualitative Data by William McAuliffe, Hannah Moshontz, Thomas McCauley, Michael McCullough

Development and Validation of the Social Thermoregulation, Risk Avoidance, and Eating Questionnaire – 2 by Olivier Dujols

The Psychological Science *Publishing* Accelerator: A Distributed Communication and Evaluation Network By Cooper Smout and Dawn Lui

Session 2B: Study Incubation as an Alternative to Standard Peer Review by Miguel Silan and  Peder Isager

Session 3A: Creating Open Science Training Resources in Multiple African Languages by Adeyemi Adetula, Hans Rocha IJzerman, Patrick S. Forscher, Dana Basnight-Brown, and Jordan R. Wagge

Session 3B: Who’s Where: A Hackathon to Code Countries for PSACR? By Erin Buchanan

Session 4B: Reaching out to our personal and professional networks for a direct donation drive for the PSA by Christopher R. Chartier

Closing webinar: Preparing Your PSA Study Proposal by Kathleen Schmidt

September 10, 2020

Session 1A: PSA Translation Protocol from the Translation and Cultural Diversity Committee led by Ilker Dalgar, Jan Röer, and Anabel Belaus

Session 2A:  Theory and Measurement Projects  – Possible Submission Types? by Miguel Silan, Peder Isager, Anna Szabelska, inês a t almedia and Gerit Pfuhl

Session 2B: Gendered Prejudice Project (PSA 003) by Curtis Phils

The Association of Relational Uncertainty Satisfaction and Perceived Partner Responsiveness by Busra Bahar Balci and Ilker Dalgar

Session 3A: Data, Methods, Metascience and the Data and Methods Committee’s First Research Project (PSADM 001) by Jessica Flake and the DM committee

Session 3B: Loss Gain (PSACR 001)- Charlie Dorison

Cognitive Reappraisal (PSACR 002) by Ke Wang

Self Determination (PSACR 003)- Nicole Legate and Thuy-vy Nguyen

Session 4A: Creating a self-publishing system for the PSA by Charlie Ebersole

Session 4B: PSA Clinical Chapter by Julie Beshears and Hannah Moshontz

Closing remarks from Christopher Chartier