PSACON2021 Call for Presenters

Please use the form below to propose a session for the 2021 Virtual Meeting of the Psychological Science Accelerator. The final day of submission will be on October 1, 2021, to allow time to be reviewed. We will add links to the schedule, booklet, and registration form soon. We are planning on having conference programming in these categories:

  • PSA/Big Team Science Updates: Latest news and recent developments in big team science (including the work of different committees, past/present/future PSA studies or other projects) 
  • Panel discussions: Interactive Q&A sessions on challenges and success of open and big team science in a variety of research contexts (such as within specific sub-disciplines of psychology e.g. clinical psychology or different cultures e.g. open science in southeast Asian science communities)
  • Hackathons: Working sessions devoted to practical developments of projects, policies, or initiatives (related to PSA goals, but not necessarily PSA-affiliated)
  • Unconferences: Participant driven sessions based on free and open discussions of ideas
  • Original Research: Longer oral presentations aimed at promoting PSA- and non-PSA research from participants at various stages of career development
  • Posters Sessions: Brief presentations of digital posters aimed at promoting PSA- and non-PSA research from participants at various stages of development (We strongly encourage early career researchers from outside the United States, Canada, and Western Europe to present their work)
  • Workshops: Educational and training events (open to all, but preferably conducted in collaboration with teams or individual researchers from related organizations)

We can also be flexible in accepting submissions that do not fit into one of the above categories, so feel free to pitch us! Once you submit your proposed session here, you can expect to hear back from us within the month of submission.

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