UPDATE: During this conference, we had participants from 46 different countries and a total of 250 people sign up to attend the conference.



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We were super excited to get everyone together on September 8th, 9th, and 10th via zoom. The three days were used to network and discuss the past, present, and future of the Psychological Science Accelerator. All events occurred over a 12 hours block each day to allow for flexibility between time zones and give ample opportunities to hear and present about PSA activities. Specifically, we had programming from 8 UTC to 20 UTC each day.

Below, we highlight some of the presentations from the program.

Christopher R. Chartier

A webinar from Christopher Chartier on the founding, mission, core principles, and achievements to date of the Psychological Science Accelerator network.

Erin Buchanan

A study update on the newest PSA 007: Semantic Priming Across Many Languages (SPAML) by Erin Buchanan.

Miguel Silan

A hack-a-thon on “Rethinking multi-site studies: Can the cross-indigenous approach remedy common cross-cultural vulnerabilities?” by Miguel Silan.

Charlie Ebersole will be presenting two presentation. The first is a non- PSA research presentation that includes several members of our network on “The findings of the fifth many labs project” As well as a Hack-a-thon on “creating a self-publishing system for the PSA!”

Check out these links for the Booklet and the Schedule!!

Whether you attended or not, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the first PSACON.

If you were unable to attend, please check out the video links here.