The Psychological Science Accelerator is a distributed laboratory network with over 400 members representing all 6 populated continents.

Below, you can review our organizational structure and leadership team. If you would like to be considered for a role in one of our committees please contact Chris Chartier (


Dr. Christopher R. Chartier, Ashland University

Associate Directors

Dana Basnight-Brown, United States International University – Africa

Felix Cheung, The University of Hong Kong

Charlie Ebersole, University of Virginia

Hans IJzerman,  Université Grenoble Alpes

Heather Urry, Tufts University

Study selection

Assistant Directors: Peter Jonason & Kathleen Schmidt

  • Randy McCarthy, Northern Illinois University
  • Miroslav Sirota, University of Essex
  • Jan Antfolk, Åbo Akademi University
  • Melissa Kline, MIT


Assistant Directors: Erica Musser & Marietta Papadatou-Pastou

  • Michael Mensink, University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • Cody Christopherson, Southern Oregon University
  • Gerit Pfuhl, University of Tromsø
  • Kim Peters, University of Queensland

Translation and cultural diversity

Assistant Director: Oscar Oviedo Trespalacios

  • Darko Lončarić, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Diego Forero, Universidad Antonio Nariño
  • Janis Zickfeld, University of Oslo
  • Sau-Chin Chen, Tzu-Chi University
  • Miguel Silan, University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Chuan-Peng Hu, Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center
  • Asil Özdoğru, Üsküdar University
  • Stefan Stieger, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences

Community building and network expansion

Assistant Directors: Natália Dutra & Crystal Steltenpohl

  • Jack Arnal, McDaniel College
  • Evie Vergauwe, University of Geneva
  • Nick Coles, University of Tennessee


Assistant Directors: Susann Fiedler & Steve Janssen

  • Ben Jones, University of Glasgow
  • Jill Jacobson, Queen’s University

Project management

Assistant Director: Hannah Moshontz

  • Charlie Ebersole, University of Virginia
  • John Protzko, University of California – Santa Barbara
  • Jeremy Miller, Willamette University
  • Mallory Kidwell, University of Utah

Data and Methods

Assistant Director for Methods: Jessica Flake

Assistant Director for Data: Patrick Forscher

  • Balazs Aczel, Eötvös Loránd University
  • Zoltan Kekecs, Lund University
  • Anna Szabelska, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Nick Fox, Rutgers University
  • Peder Isager, Eindhoven University of Technology

Data management

Assistant Director: Patrick Forscher


Assistant Directors: Sau-Chin Chen & Erin Buchanan


Assistant Directors: Neil Lewis & Thuy-vy Nguyen

  • Jovana Vukovic, Broward College