News from the Accelerator - May 2020

monthly update

Chris Chartier


May 21, 2020

This month, we have updates on myriad fronts, including but not limited to, a spike in new PSA membership sign-ups, progress on studies PSA 001 through PSA 006, information about our recently launched PSA Covid Rapid Studies, a call for new members on two PSA working groups, and several interesting opportunities to collaborate with other PSA members on research projects.


Our network has officially grown to over 1, 000 members. Welcome new accelerators!! We have no doubts that you will do great things in our network. Just in the last couple months since our last newsletter, we have added hundreds of members. We are stoked to see our network continue to grow.



Thanks to a generous donation from Erin Buchanan, we were able to purchase new server equipment to support the increasing complexity and data collection load of our current and future PSA studies! The new server has been blazing fast in our initial tests, and it should be ready for us to start using in earnest soon. This also means we are going to be able to overhaul our  member website to give it a functioning dashboard that will be more effective and user-friendly for members.


We are hoping to host a virtual meeting in 2020 and are exploring possible dates. Our preliminary plan is to hold the conference in September (on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, or on 8th, 9th, and 10th) with sessions spreading across 12 hour each days to help accommodate the vast time zone differences of PSA members. We are hoping to get feedback on which set of days works best for our members (starting on the 1st of September or starting on the 8th of September). We are planning to have a range of session types, including update presentations on current PSA studies, workshops on how to get involved in our studies, study submission tips, as well as presentations on non-PSA research that our members are currently working on. We hope to have further details for y'all soon. Please reach out to to give feedback on preferred dates or if you would like to be added to our email list of possible attendees.


The PSA Data and Methods Committee is seeking a new standing member of our committee. The Data and Methods Committee (DM) is responsible for operation and policy development related to methodology, meta-science, and data management within the PSA. Those interested to join the committee should read our bylaws here: This position is a two-year commitment, starting in June 2020, with the following responsibilities:

Some examples of recent work carried out by the committee are:

We expect Standing Committee Members will devote approximately 8-16 hours per month of time to their work. These are not set limits and may fluctuate from month to month. Any members of the PSA are eligible to apply. Previous service experience with the PSA is desired but not required. Application materials to submit:

  1. Statement of interest outlining interest in working with the DM and relevant experience (short; max 500 words)
  2. Relevant documentation that supports the information described in the statement of interest and experience (can be a CV, a personal website, blog, osf page, etc.)
  3. E.g., If you describe experience managing open data you might want to put on your CV links to OSF pages, or link to a github or blog, that is ok -- submit a CV or other document that provides background for your experience

Applicants who move on to the next step of recruitment will be asked to attend a DM committee meeting so that they can become acquainted with our process and procedures. Review of applications to begin within one week, review rolling until position is filled.  Please send application materials to:


The PSA Metascience subcommittee is looking for up to 5 new members to help facilitate Metascience research projects within the PSA.  The role of the subcommittee will be to review proposals on work that uses the PSA to research the process of science, as well as develop policy to support metascience research. Responsibilities of subcommittee members will include reviewing proposals, interfacing with members of the Study Selection, Data and Methods, and Data Management Committees when appropriate, and meeting monthly as a group to review progress.

If you’re interested, send your information to Nick Fox: by Friday May 29th.  Include a short paragraph on why you’d like to join the subcommittee, what you’re looking to get out of being a subcommittee member, and any metascience or methodological research experience you’ve had (it’s not required, but will be helpful for us to try and maximize the diversity of experiences!). 


African Many Labs

Two Opportunities from Balazs Aczel: 

Our team would like to explore how researchers cope with working from home now and in general. This is a great opportunity for the research community to change old routines and optimize the time they spend in the office and work from home.

From our survey results, we will create recommendations for institutions on how to support researchers' efficiency and work-life balance regarding their options and condition in remote working. After responding, you can sign up to win a 100 USD Amazon (or your choice) voucher. If your region was in recent lockdown, please share your experience with home-office in this ~4-min anonymous survey. Follow this link to the Survey.

We appreciate it if you share this survey with your colleagues. Thank you for your support.

Balazs Aczel, ELTE, Hungary