The PSA’s Draft Vision Document is Open for Feedback


Chris Chartier


August 30, 2019

We are releasing our draft vision document for feedback from anyone. You do not need to be a PSA member to comment, and we welcome your input via comments in the google doc or sent via email ( Soon after founding the PSA, we collectively established our mission statement, core values, selected our first studies, and drafted initial policies for how we conduct our projects. Then we got to work! We focused on the most pressing needs of planning and conducting our studies and setting up our organizational and governance structures. We now need to also focus on long-term planning to ensure the PSA is a sustainable project that works best for psychological science and its members. The current document represents an early step in our formal planning process in two ways: 1) it will undergo several rounds of feedback from PSA members prior to being voted on as possible PSA policy, and 2) if it is ratified it will form just one portion of a more detailed strategic plan to be drafted in 2020 and then reassessed annually thereafter. Before we can draft a full strategic plan that includes more specific activities, goals, funding strategy, and a projected budget, we need broad community buy-in on the ideas and basic plans outlined in the vision document. To that end, the draft now open for feedback from anyone (PSA member or not) during the entire month of September 2019. The PSA Directors will edit the document in response to this feedback during October, and we will put the revised document up for a vote by the PSA network during November. If the vision statement is not ratified during that vote, we will continue to iteratively solicit feedback, edit, and vote until a version has been ratified. If it is ratified during the November vote, it will be published on the PSA website in December. We will then begin the more detailed strategic planning process. The 5-year strategic plan will follow the same timeline in 2020 as this vision document is following in 2019. The Directors will draft the plan January through August, we will solicit feedback in September, we will edit in October, and all PSA members will vote in November. The process of assessing, revising, seeking feedback, and ultimately voting on the strategic plan will occur annually thereafter following the same month-by-month schedule. Thank you in advance for any feedback you provide!