Election and Appointments

Terms Lengths and Limits

The Director is elected by vote of all PSA members to a 5-year term with no term limits.

Associate Directors are elected by all PSA members to a 4-year term with no term limits.

Assistant Directors are elected by vote of the Director and Associate Directors to a 3-year term with no term limits. 

All Directors can resign from their position at any time if they can no longer fulfill their duties for any reason. Appointment or Election of a replacement will be initiated within 1 month of their resignation.

Committee members are appointed to two-year terms with no term limits by Assistant Directors.

Any PSA member can nominate another PSA member, be nominated by another PSA member, or self-nominate for any of the above-listed positions.

Election Procedures 

All nominated candidates will be given the opportunity to share up to 1,000 words on their policy positions and how they would intend to lead in the PSA. The PSA will use a rank order voting procedure with instant-runoffs (IRV). For all elections, voters will rank order as many nominated candidates as they choose to, with a 1 indicating their most preferred candidate, a 2 indicating their second, and so on. Winner selection will then follow the IRV decision process depicted in the figure below. Each Associate Director election will be overseen by the Associate Director furthest from reelection. The Associate Directors will collectively oversee the election for the Director (Associate Directors running for Director will recuse themselves from the election process). Assistant directors from the same committee are elected in two slates to avoid the possibility that all directors from a single committee rotate out of their positions at the same time.