The PSA leadership team comprises a single Director, 5 Associate Directors, and between 10-20 Assistant Directors. The current leadership team is below.


Nicholas A. Coles, Stanford University (Email)

Associate Directors

Erin Buchanan,  Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (Email)

Lisa DeBruine, University of Glasgow (Email)

John Protzko, Central Connecticut State University (Email)

Miguel Silan, Annecy Behavioral Science Lab and Université Lumière Lyon 2 (Email)

Kathleen Schmidt, Southern Illinois University (Email)

Assistant Directors

Chris Chartier (Project Monitoring)

David Vaidi (Project Monitoring)

Biljana Gjoneska (Ethics)

Maja Becker (Ethics)

Jessica Flake (Data and Methods)

Marton Kovacs (Data and Methods)

Maximilian Primbs (Translation)

Cristina Salvador (Translation)

Aishwarya Iyer (Community Building)

Nadia S. Corral-Frias (Community Building)

Hans IJzerman (Funding)

Dana Basnight-Brown (Funding)

W. Matthew Collins (Study Selection)

Suzanne Stewart (Study Selection)