The PSA is Two Years Old. Let’s Celebrate!

This coming Monday the Psychological Science Accelerator turns two. To celebrate, we’re planning a week of exciting announcements, blogposts, and hackathons. Today we just wanted to post a full schedule for the week, with brief descriptions of each event in case you wanted to follow along or join in. Watch our twitter account for frequent updates and links throughout the week.

Blog schedule


Highlights from our first 2 years


Updates on our Patreon grassroots funding campaign


Announcing a new batch of PSA member lab grants for 2019/2020 and how you can apply


Celebrating and making more visible the sometimes invisible work of PSA members filling study-specific support roles (e.g., project monitoring, data management, translation coordination)


Releasing and soliciting feedback on the first draft of our vision statement for the PSA (precursor to a 5-year strategic plan)


Announcing Study 001’s data release plan, including incentives for pre-registered secondary analyses

Hackathon schedule


Vision Statement Draft Feedback and Editing (Chris Chartier, 10:30 UTC, 6:30am EST)

Google drive migration (Patrick Forscher, 17:00 UTC, 1:00PM EST) 


Meta-science policies (Nick Fox, 18:00 UTC, 2:00pm EST)


Member site and roster info form (Erin Buchanan, 13:30 UTC, 9:30am EST)


Election logistics (Charlie Ebersole, 16:30 UTC, 2:30pm EST)


Patreon and Donor Campaign (Chris Chartier, 13:00 UTC, 9:00am EST)

Synergy hack-a-thon (Patrick Forscher, 15:00 UTC, 11:00am EST)

We hope to see you during the week!

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