The Psychological Science Accelerator is a globally distributed network of psychological science laboratories (currently over 300), representing over 45 countries on all six populated continents, that coordinates data collection for democratically selected studies.

Our mission is to accelerate the accumulation of reliable and generalizable evidence in psychological science, reducing the distance between truth about human behavior and mental processes and our current understanding. This challenge cannot be adequately met by a single researcher or small team. Instead, we attempt to meet this challenge with a distributed laboratory network that is ongoing (as opposed to time or task limited), diverse (both in terms of human subjects and participating researchers), and inclusive (we welcome ideas, contributions, study proposals, or other input from anyone in the field of psychology).

Core Principles

  • Diversity and Inclusion. We believe that a productive psychological science will be one that is both diverse and inclusive at multiple levels. We strive to be a community of researchers that are widely dispersed geographically and representative of all institutions, not just those rich with resources and prestige. Additionally, we hope to enhance the diversity of human subjects who participate in psychological science studies to reduce the field’s reliance on WEIRD samples and to make our science more representative of all of humanity.
  • Decentralized Authority. The Accelerator will make decisions based on input from as many team members as possible. For decisions that must be made by a committee of Accelerator members, members will be elected by vote of the network. Further, individual laboratories will never be compelled to collect data for a project they do not support.
  • Transparency. The work of the Accelerator will be as open and transparent as possible. We support and will push for practices that enhance transparency in the scientific process such as pre-registration, open data, and open materials.
  • Rigor. We believe that rigor in protocol execution is a critical concern in every research project, and deserves additional consideration in multi-site studies, due to potential problems arising from isolation of the research labs. Furthermore, in multi-lab studies it is not possible to solely rely on trust in a single researcher with a demonstrated track record. Thus, we believe that for Accelerator projects it is necessary to integrate tools that make the research and data collection process transparent, so that as-intended protocol execution is verifiable.
  • Humility. We will always accept, and carefully consider, critical feedback from both inside and outside the network. We believe we can constantly improve our policies and procedures and that seriously engaging all criticism and constructive feedback will improve our ability to pursue our mission.